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WP eCommerce <3 PhpStorm 8

It’s no secret – everyone in the WordPress community has fallen in love with PhpStorm 8.0.  Between the built-in support for WP-CLI, action and filter references, and automated support for WordPress coding standards – what’s not to love?

That’s why we’re so excited that JetBrains has generously offered to partner with us in offering core contributors to WP eCommerce a free license to PhpStorm.  We couldn’t be more thrilled that such a high caliber company has chosen to invest so generously in open source projects, we’re immensely grateful for them!

Already a core contributor?  Send us an email and we’ll confirm that your Github usernames shows up here and we’ll send over a license key.

Haven’t contributed yet?  There’s no better time than now, pick an issue, submit a PR and be part of the open source revolution.

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Segment & WP eCommerce Analytics

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from our friend Jake, over at Segment.io.  Our lead developer, Justin Sainton, has partnered with them to build the Segment WordPress plugin.  We’re proud to partner with innovative companies like Segment to build out innovative WP eCommerce integrations.  Off to you, Jake.

If you’ve ever wondered about how people are moving through your store and how to improve it, you’re going to be excited about the latest WP eCommerce plugin – Segment. Segment is a single platform that integrates more than 100 analytics and marketing tools with the flick of a switch. With the Segment plugin, you can install tools like Google Analytics Ecommerce, Facebook Ads, and Bronto with zero code and zero developer costs. Without Segment, a developer could spend couple of weeks installing each one.

It’s incredibly easy for WP eCommerce users to get started with Segment. In fact, once you activate both plugins and enter your API key, you don’t have to do anything else. Your most important ecommerce analytics events will be tracked automatically, and you can install any marketing or analytics tool you want to try with the flick of a switch.

Here’s how it works:

  • Turn on the Segment plugin and drop in your API key
  • Go to the Segment dashboard, toggle on any tool you want to try and drop in your account credentials
  • Segment automatically tracks important visitor actions like viewing products, adding products to carts, and completing purchases
  • Segment reformats and routes this data to each tool you’ve switched on

So… why is this important? It’s pretty simple. If you understand how people use your store, you can improve it for the better. Then, you can drive more visitors to your site and sell more products. Here are a few examples of what you can do with Segment:

  • Create a conversion funnel to see what percent of your homepage visitors complete a purchase (with KISSmetrics, Amplitude or Mixpanel)
  • Send personalized emails to customers that have left items in their carts (with Customer.io, Bronto, or Klaviyo)
  • Retarget visitors with ads featuring their favorite products (with Perfect Audience, Adroll and Facebook Audiences)
  • Easily fire ad conversion pixels without adding new code to your site (with Facebook Conversion Pixels and Twitter Ad Conversions)

These are just a few of the popular tools for eCommerce you can install with Segment. You can see a complete list here and read the quick start guide here.

Special thanks to Justin for helping us build the Segment plugin! If you have a question, post it in the comments. I’m happy to help.

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WP eCommerce 3.8.14

After months of effort, thousands of hours of development, and some pseudo-literal blood, sweat and tears – we’re proud to bring you WP eCommerce 3.8.14!

While I was privileged to take the lead on this release, it was an incredible effort by developers, QA teams, beta testers and support staff.  I want to highlight a few people whose efforts were particularly notable in this release:

First off, my hat goes off to Jeffrey Schutzman.  He was, in all measurable ways, the most significant contributor to this release.  It was a pleasure working with him on several facets of this release – from the javascript refactoring to the checkout workflow enhancements to the new WPSC_Countries/WPSC_Region classes and more.  He’s an incredibly smart and talented individual and we’re grateful to have him participating in our community.  Not everyone knows or realizes this, but all of the open source contribution to WP eCommerce is completely donated time.  That means the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours that Jeff and I have poured into WP eCommerce 3.8.14 over the last 3 months has been out of the love for the project.  I don’t say that to give myself any credit, but simply to honor the dedication and sacrifices that Jeffrey has made for all of us in his work on this release.  Cheers, Jeff!

But that’s not all.  We’ll go over numbers in just a second, but there were two other “MVPs” in this release.  If you use UPS or USPS, you’ll no doubt notice notable performance improvements, fewer bugs and better extendibility for developers in those modules on this release.  That is due to the incredibly diligent work of Jorge Aguayo, a phenomenally helpful developer who contributed a ton to this release.  We’re super grateful for his continued contributions.

Lastly – the entire support staff at Instinct has been a huge help in the QA process throughout the entire release, but the especially exhaustive efforts of Mihai (you’ll know him as @misiculus on wordpress.org and GitHub) this release were absolutely invaluable.  He found more bugs as we were developing than perhaps anyone else.  Thanks, Mihai!

Some quick (and somewhat mind-bending) numbers on this release:

  • We’ve added well over 50+ new actions and filters.
  • There were 185 files changed.
  • 21,125 insertions(+), 15,387 deletions(-)
  • 249 Issues closed (That’s THREE TIMES more than any release on GitHub to date)
  • 13 Contributors
  • 1,084 Commits
  • Touched approximately 65% of the codebase.

All that change, and we still aim to keep our promise of 100% backwards compatibility.  Suffice to say – we’re ready for some sleep :)  Missed our RC release outlining some of the new features (not to mention a fancy video :))?  Go check it out.

So please, backup your databases and websites, and take WP eCommerce 3.8.14 for a spin.  We know you’ll be delighted.

Think you’ve found a bug in this release?  Let us know on GitHub.

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WP eCommerce 3.8.14-RC is here!

We’re elated to announce the release candidate for WP eCommerce 3.8.14!

This is one of our biggest releases to date, and to celebrate, we made you a little video :)

Notice the bags under my eyes? :)  It’s been a very long few months and a massive team effort (More on the team in the release post) with thousands of man-hours going into this release.

For the exhaustive list of changes made this release, feel free to review our commit log or our closed issues on GitHub.  An abbreviated changelog will be included with the final release.

That said, there are at least 4 major changes and a few minor changes that we’d love for you to test.  ALWAYS backup your database and files before testing the newest release.   Here’s what we’d love heavy testing on:

  • External Shipping and Payment APIs.
  • Customer Meta API
  • Checkout Workflow
  • Product Add/Edit UI

Major Changes

These are areas that we’ve given complete overhauls.  If you’re using a shipping module like FedEx or UPS – be sure to test that they work as expected!  We’ve added some really great APIs and classes for developer to utilize for accessing countries and regions, and we’re using them ourselves in core.  Everything seems to be working great (and with significantly improved performance!) – but do please test.  Related areas to test would be on any custom payment gateways (including PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and others).

If you’re a developer who has interfaced with our customer meta API (Functions like wpsc_get_customer_meta()), we’ve completely overhauled that architecture.  For those who noticed a massive influx of “anonymous users” in their 3.8.13 install, this release fixes that by moving the entire customer architecture away from WP Users.  It works beautifully and we think you’ll love it – but do test!

An area that we’re particularly proud of is the massive improvements made to our checkout workflow UI.  We’ve closed out countless bugs in this specific area, improved performance and created a more awesome user experience here.  Be sure to test this, especially if you have a heavily customized theme.

Finally, we’ve made great strides in our product editing/adding user interface.  We’ve streamlined, cut back, and made the most important data more visible than ever before.  We love it – but we’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Minor Changes

We’ve added dozens (if not hundreds) of new filters and actions in this release, and fixed over 200 bugs. To call the effort “Herculean” would be an understatement.  There are a few important behavioral changes that we (and many of our beta testers) consider improvements, but they are definitely changes to be aware of:

  • We’ve modified some of the behavior in how taxes and coupons work together, and in turn, how total cart prices are calculated.  For more context, read up on GitHub.
  • We’ve improved the security of our IPN response handling for PayPal Standard.  If you use PayPal Standard, be sure to test this.
  • Our UPS and USPS modules, as mentioned above, have been significantly improved.  If you use these, test them extensively.
  • We’ve improved bbPress + WPeC compatibility.
  • Our prior releases had “dynamic” javascript and CSS files, both in the admin and front-end.  These were often-times significant performance bottlenecks (on some sites, taking up to 10 seconds to load!).  We’ve removed these and attempted to maintain backwards compatibility along with fulfilling the original intent of those dynamic files.  This should prove to be a great performance improvement, but again – if you relied heavily on these, please test!

A final, repetitive note: Please, please, please make a backup before testing – but, just as important – please test :)

You can download our master branch via the WPEC Beta Tester plugin, or you can download it here, straight from GitHub

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WP eCommerce 3.8.14-beta is here!

After being in development for 3 months, we’re so excited to announce that the 3.8.14 release of WP eCommerce is imminent!  We need lots of help beta testing to make sure we’re able to launch this as successfully as possible.

This is perhaps one of the most extensive overhauls of WP eCommerce in the last year.  For developers, we’ve introduced dozens of new actions and filters, a completely refactored Customer Meta API, brand new classes for interfacing with Countries and Regions and significantly improved internal documentation.

For users, you’ll notice significant performance improvements on the front and back-end, especially on the checkout process.  Speaking of the checkout process, we spent nearly 100 hours digging through our internals and refactoring TONS of the checkout process.  In doing so, we’ve eliminated dozens of bugs, especially surrounding our “Shipping Same as Billing” functionality.  Beyond that, parts of the checkout process have been significantly improved with regards to performance and usability.  One of the most special areas we’ve been working on this release is implementing a significantly overhauled and improved interface for adding and editing your products.  We’ve removed a LOAD of clutter and given easier access to the information you need.

We’re so excited for you to check everything out!  On top of the areas we’ve already mentioned, as you can see on our GitHub repository, we’ve closed out over 200 bugs in this release cycle.  We’re pretty proud of that accomplishment, and we’re sure you will be, too.

So please, get your staging servers set up and help us test this beta release of WP eCommerce 3.8.14.  As always, be sure to back up your website before installing the beta, and never run beta software on a production server.  Even with all of the overhauling we’ve done, our goal is 100% backwards compatibility – so we won’t know if we’ve broken anything until you test on your staging site and tell us how you’re getting on :)

Should you run into any bugs or compatibility issues, please report them on our GitHub Issues tracker.

If all goes well, we’ll have an RC by early next week and launch 3.8.14 shortly thereafter.  Happy testing!

Download WP eCommerce 3.8.14-beta

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WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce is available for download!

Nearly a week passed since our last bug fix release and we have received many positive feedback as it has addressed most of the issues introduced in our previous major release.

Today we’re making official, which addresses several minor bugs our users are still encountering:

* Fix: Users disappear in Network Admin -> Users page (for multisite)
* Fix: User counts are incorrect when there are thousands separators.
* Fix: "Save Product Files" button doesn't like being clicked on.

As usual, it is extremely important that before you upgrade to WPEC, please back up your files and databases. Backup Buddy is our top choice for making backup simple and effortless.

How to upgrade WP e-Commerce

You can simply use WordPress automatic updates feature to download and install WP e-Commerce

If that doesn’t work for you, try the following steps for a manual upgrade:

- Download WP e-Commerce from here and save it to your computer.

- Extract the downloaded package to a folder on your computer.

- Upload the contents of that folder to this path on your server, overwriting all existing files: wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce

Please let us know in the comment if you run into any issues with the upgrade.

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WP e-Commerce is ready

WP e-Commerce is ready for download!

After 3.8.13 upgrade, a lot of our users were alarmed when they see many anonymous users with cryptic names appearing in their WordPress admin Users page. These user accounts are harmless and are used to collect anonymous customer data (such as cart items, shipping / billing locations etc.). However we acknowledge that displaying them in the admin area proved to be confusing and we apologize for the inconvenience.

In this release, we’re taking the first steps to fix the 3 major issues with anonymous customers that our users have:

* Anonymous customers should not be visible in admin UI.
* Cronjob to purge anonymous customers doesn't work due to memory issues.
* Anonymous cart items are lost after signing in.

In the upcoming releases, we will continue to improve the customer data storage system so that it uses up as little space as possible in your database.

It is extremely important that before you upgrade to WPEC, please back up your files and databases. Backup Buddy is our top choice for making backup simple and effortless.

How to upgrade WP e-Commerce

You can simply use WordPress automatic updates feature to download and install WP e-Commerce

If that doesn’t work for you, try the following steps for a manual upgrade:

- Download WP e-Commerce from here and save it to your computer.

- Extract the downloaded package to a folder on your computer.

- Upload the contents of that folder to this path on your server, overwriting all existing files: wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce

Please let us know in the comment if you run into any issues with the upgrade.

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A very merry update

Merry Christmas folks!!!

We’re pleased to announce the 3.8.13 release of the WP e-Commerce Plugin. This release comes with some new stuff, some changes and some fixes. You can find all the details below.

We’re hoping this release is the last 3.8.x release before we roll up our sleeves, strap on the boxing gloves and push out WPEC 3.9 with new bbPress inspired template engine. Its going to be a fun 2014… I’m thinking free themes (or was that freed themes), new products and a whole Lotta WordCamp.

Download 3.8.13 and let us know what you think. If you have any questions or comments regarding this release please let us know in the comments section below.

New stuff…

* New: Product Media UI.
* New: Cart Item Meta API
* New: ‘wpsc_after_checkout_cart_rows’ action.
* New: Add ‘wpsc_default_dimension_unit’ and ‘wpsc_default_weight_unit’ filters.
* New: Add ‘wpsc_save_product_order’ action and use it to save category product order in the term_relationships table.
* New: Add logic filter for coupons.  We currently have one for properties, this should sufficiently round out the extensibility for the UI.
* New: Allow gateway images to be filtered.
* New: Allow multiple comma-separated categories in coupon conditions.
* New: Product Gallery metabox.


* Change: Better Customer API.
* Change: Prepend (WPEC) to widget names in wp-admin
* Change: Replace default noimage.png with a better image.
* Change: Updated NL language
* Change: Updated german language strings
* Change: Use new spinner image in WordPress 3.8


* Fix: Add preg_quote() to coupon regexes that intend to parse strings. Fixes issue where unexpected results occur when strings contain slashes, or really, any regex-oriented characters.
* Fix: Change wpsc_get_remaining_quantity() to call the method dynamically, rather than statically.  The previous behaviour caused a strict standards warning.
* Fix: Database Upgrade Routine to rename old _wpsc_* product metadata array keys so they no longer include the ‘_wpsc_’ prefix
* Fix: In Purchase log admin screen, item count is sum of quantity field rather than count of rows
* Fix: Invert logic on shipping ZIP code check in core theme files.
* Fix: Modify behavior in Download CSV functionality to properly convert region IDs to regions.
* Fix: Modify wpsc_update_item_quantity() to listen for wpsc_quantity_update, reverting to $_POST['quantity'] only if it exists.
* Fix: PHP strict warnings.
* Fix: Properly quote SKUs in CSV file.
* Fix: Rename generically named function.
* Fix: Stock and sale price empty values should be preserved.
* Fix: Variation thumbnail size in admin screen.
* Fix: cart is not initialized when some shipping modules are triggered
* Fix: redundant product thumbnail is displayed on category / single product list.
* Fix: variation checkbox column width in WP 3.7.
* Fix: Out of stock message for variations now correctly shows variation of product for the title, rather than main product.
* Fix: Use proper link in checkout for variation products.
* Fix: Return tax information in switchmethod() JS function.
* Fix: Resolve conflict with Advanced Custom Fields on save_post hook for products.
* Fix: Update Bulgarian Currency symbol.
* Fix: Resolve issue where updating pages causes rewrite rule conflicts when pretty permalinks are enabled.

Download 3.8.13

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Upgrade to the Amazon S3 Plugin

The support for multiple buckets is here! Our Amazon S3 plugin will now support multiple buckets.


Simply select the setting to be “All Buckets” in Products -> S3 Downloads and all your qualified Amazon S3 files should show up under Amazon S3 Tab in the product page settings.

Check out this plugin at http://getshopped.org/premium-upgrades/premium-plugin/amazon-s3-plugin/


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Google Checkout officially shuts down

As announced since may 2013, Google has shut down Google Checkout service. This means WP e-Commerce store owners will no longer be able to accept payments using their service starting today (November 20 2013).

You can read the official announcement here!

What this means for you (WPEC store owner) is that you will no longer be able to accept payments on your store using Google Checkout gateway.

Google itself recommends one specific option for Payment Processing and that is Braintree. Signing up from this page will give you discounted rates for lifetime once you signup.

Signup for Braintree now !

We know some of WP e-Commerce store owners use, or at least used to use, Google Checkout for taking in payments and because we don`t want you to loose sales over this we have already create a payment gateway for Braintree and WP e-Commerce.

The gateway is available as a Premium Plugin and can be purchased right now!

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