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More professional e-Commerce themes have been made for the WP e-Commerce Plugin then any other WordPress Plugin.

The following themes have been made to help you sell your products online!

Skematik Theme

Skematik is a powerful new theme + framework that was built with out-of-the-box support for WP e-Commerce. Among it’s features are ajax add-to-cart, toggles between gridview and list-view and universal search. They have also created several child themes and extensions as well.

Simple Cart

SimpleCart(js) is a simple, attractive, and flexible WordPress theme that taps into the power of both Thematic and WP E-commerce. Features include AJAX cart functionality, a grid layout for products, and a flexible color scheme, easy to swap out images and completely customize the theme to your needs.

Storefront Themes

Storefront Themes designs all their themes EXCLUSIVELY for the WP-e-Commerce platform and offer more WP-e-Commerce themes than any other theme shop. They offer first-class support, high-def video tutorials, and an optimized theme framework. They continually push the boundaries of what the WPEC platform can do by producing unique themes, some of which integrate with BUDDYPRESS, use RESPONSIVE layouts for mobile devices, and cover a wide variety of niches with features like music players, custom widgets and ajax functionality.

A versatile, beautiful design offering 4 page templates, modulized homepage, slider, nivo slider and a carousel.

A proven design offering a myriad of options for the homepage as well as the background and container styles and colors.

A unique homepage slider and CSS3 gradients set this theme’s design apart. Homepage also includes a gridview with slide-up product info.

The value of this theme comes in the one-page shopping experience that it provides. The homepage can display products from various categories and allows the user to add to the cart immediately.

BUDDYPRESS COMPATIBLE!! A beautiful product page grid layout pairs well with the single product layout and a nicely designed checkout page. Works well with the BuddyPress eCommerce plugin

2 Homepage templates & a built-in gridview.

BUDDYPRESS COMPATIBLE!! This theme is also our first RESPONSIVE design so it looks great with mobile devices. Modern design and tons of custom options in the options panel. Works well with the BuddyPress eCommerce plugin.

RESPONSIVE design is beautifully minimal and has an elegant loading feature on the homepage.

Mylo is RESPONSIVE and was designed to work with the GetShopped MP3 Player.

This design is RESPONSIVE and features a unique AJAX loading feature for all content. Also includes a built-in mp3 player.

Emperor for WordPress

Selling online is fast and easy with Emperor for WordPress and WP eCommerce. Emperor works out of the box doesn’t require you to know CSS, and is compatible with WordPress 3.0 custom backgrounds and menus.

The E-Commerce Theme

The E-Commerce Themes can be used by Home-Based Businesses, Real Estate Agents, Photographers, Digital Content Producers, Musicians, Artists and Graphic Designers. Learn how our themes can be used.

Crafty Cart 2.0 Beta

Crafty Cart 2 is a fresh flavoured retro styled theme for selling t-shirts and handmade items, designed to be a starting point for your online shop. This theme was created by Billion Studio.

Vanilla Cart

Clean, minimal, highly customizable, vanilla-style WordPress Shopping Cart Theme. Made specifically for the free WP e-Commerce plugin.

Color Cart

Color Cart is a variation of Vanilla Cart, with the addition of fantastic color wheel to the theme options.

Using 8 color combination, you’ll be able to easily customize your theme into your unique color scheme. See here for more samples.

Storefront Original

Some call it the ultimate e-commerce theme built specifically for the WP e-Commerce Plugin!

This theme displays your products and product groups like never before! StoreFront has a new custom style for the product page and shopping cart without touching the Plugin files. Then, their custom homepage options gives you a myriad of options for displaying your products.

In short, this theme is all about making your e-commerce site more successful. By focusing on the homepage, we’ve put your products front and center and given you more control over how your customers shop on your site.

Storefront Designer

A nice new theme by the guys at Storefront.

Cherry Cart

Cherry Cart is an online shop theme (made for WP e-Commerce) using only single-column, no sidebar and no blog category.

It revolves around the idea of embracing both simplicity and constraint. The result is a unique yet ultra-minimalistic experience for shop visitors.

Color Cart-Green

A nice green theme for helping you sell your products online.

WP e-Commerce Theme

Don’t let the name trick you, it isn’t actually the “WP e-Commerce Theme” (we’ll make that one day ourselves) but it is another very nice theme made just for WP e-Commerce. This theme supports multiple color schemes.

AppCloud Theme

I stumbled upon yet another WP e-Commerce Theme today called AppCloud. If you use it please post your comments and reviews here. I think it looks pretty cool.


From its first glimpse and features, you can say that Kelontong is a darker, Mac-style AppCloud version.

Thematic Framework

Thematic, is a popular and free WordPress Theme Framework that has been fully tested with the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

Default Theme

WP e-Commerce has been tested on the default theme since the dawn of time. It works works works works well.

CSS Templates

A paid e-commerce bundle of 3 themes. Checkout the demos.

Fashion WP Shop



A note on WP e-Commerce themes…

If your theme does not work with WP e-Commerce then we suggest you look at using one of these themes, or at the very least we suggest you look at using the HTML/code from one of these themes as a basis to write your own theme.